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The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is one of the 22 cards in the Great Arcana. The card stands for events in our lives that come unexpectedly and suddenly and that are seemingly doomed. When the wheel of fortune appears, one can expect a change that usually leads to things being better, but not always.

The wheel of happiness can also stand for destiny, fatalism, and the belief in a higher order and meaning in our lives. Many times, the Wheel of Fortune is only the consequence of our actions that take life in one direction or another.

The Wheel of Fortune generally stands for a change.

General Interpretation

The card usually symbolizes happiness and luck. However, the card can also stand for the changes in life that only come and they are not always positive. The card also has to do with fate, ie. what happens is predetermined.


At work, some events will suddenly change order and direction. Maybe you get promoted, maybe you get worse. It remains to be seen.


If you are single, the card means you will meet someone by chance. The relationship will have a karmic touch.


Your finances will change suddenly, probably for the better.