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The tower tarot card is one of the 22 cards in the Great Arcana. Sometimes things happen in our lives that are catastrophic – we lose our job, a relationship ends, we lose a loved one or experience another kind of personal disaster. Most often, this comes unexpectedly, which leads to us being shaken up properly. We usually feel bad for a long time. During this time we process what has happened, we gain new insights, and soon we are ready to build new structures in our lives on the ruins.

The tower may also appear to symbolize an awakening. Suddenly we realize something that has long been hidden or unknown to us. The tower thus leads to new insights. But most of the time something happens that makes us wake up!

General Meaning

The card represents despair and torment, ruin and severe accidents. The card usually stands for an unforeseen and unexpected disaster.


The tower is usually responsible for a disaster happening at work that affects you in a negative way. It is possible that you will not receive your promotion or that you will suddenly be fired. Maybe you get to know something that has been hidden from you for a long time. Take this as you wish – as a new insight or as a disappointment.


In the area of ​​love, the card usually stands for something that comes abruptly – either you lose the person you love or you realize something that makes you wake up.


Expect a financial disaster.