The magician tarot card is one of the 22 cards in the Great Arcana. The magician is the person who does most of what he or she can. The card can symbolize manipulation but also the ability to succeed thanks to know-how and skill. The magician is also aware of his own power. The negative side is expressed when you manipulate or exploit other people for your own gain. The positive side is that the Magician is in a way unique in his ability to immediately see the possibilities in each situation.

General Interpretation

The magician represents cunning, subtlety, skill, confidence and diplomacy, but he can also symbolize pain, illness, and loss. You will achieve your goals, you have what it takes.


You are skilled and skilled and there is nothing to hold you back from making progress, even when all the odds are against you. You see the possibilities instead of seeing all the limitations and obstacles. Therefore, you will be successful.


The person you meet and who you develop an interest in can have a magnetic personality. There is a risk of manipulation.


As soon as you realize that you have everything you need to achieve financial goals, your finances will improve significantly.


People represented by the Magician are charismatic and have realized that they have everything they need to achieve their goals. They are skilled, intelligent, energetic and intuitive. The downside is manipulation and self-interest without regard for others.