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Temperance, or moderation, is one of the 22 cards in the Great Arcana. Moderation stands for our need for balance in life. Most often we are forced to make compromises to get a sense of balance. Most often, a sense of harmony occurs once this inner state of equilibrium has been reached.

Moderation also includes things that have to do with generosity, acceptance and the desire to avoid conflicts.

In short, Moderation means that you seek balance by compensating for something bad with something good.

General Interpretation

The temperance tarot card stands for restraint and thrift, in the sense of housekeeping. The card also stands for adaptation and care.


At work, the turbulence will find a balance. You may need to make some compromises and give up certain things in order for everything to calm down.


In love, the card stands for balance in their relationship or acceptance that the love life is not always on top. A sense of harmony will appear.


You may not make big profits but you will at least manage to pay your bills and maybe change your priorities. If you are lucky and self-controlled, you will also be able to save some money.