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The sun tarot card is one of the 22 cards in the Great Arcana. The card often means a time of happiness, when all worries go away and when you dare to be happy again. The sun also stands for the ability to forget old injustices and is a sign of health and well-being.

The sun also stands for clarity. When you look clearly at your situation, you can also act in the right way.

The sun also stands for success, popularity and respect from the environment, regardless of the issue.

General significance

The sun represents all that is positive – material happiness, good marriage and contentment.


At work you can enjoy some success. Your work colleagues or employees look up to you. You are popular and well-liked and do a good job.


You can expect a time of happiness in the area of ​​love. You have many admirers and you spread light and vitality around you.


Your financial situation looks better than you expected. Congratulations!