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The strength tarot card is one of the 22 cards in the Great Arcana. Strength symbolizes our ability to cope with difficult situations that put our nerves, patience and endurance to the test. Man has the ability to cope with and survive the greatest disasters.

Strength symbolizes our inner strength, to tame the inner lion, our impulsivity and our frustration. The strength also stands for an acceptance of one’s life situation and an ability to accept that sometimes you do not get what you want and that you have to accept that there are obstacles in the way.

The carriage stands for external control, the Force for internal control. The inner strength is something that each of us cultivates or needs to cultivate.

The fool realizes with strength, that external control is not always possible and that you sometimes have to rely on your inner strength, something that is more important than external control.

General Meaning

The card symbolizes power, energy, courage, success and honor, perseverance and inner strength. A difficult period is about to begin.


At work, problems, obstacles, etc. arise and you need patience and inner control to endure. You will put up with the problems that will soon arise, which is extremely positive.


In the love life, problems arise with the partner or in the relationship. However, you will put up with each other and bravely take you through all the problems and obstacles that arise.


Your financial problems will not go away – or – new financial problems will arise. Patience is important – it is about enduring.