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After a period of melancholy, the card normally comes as a sign that hope and inspiration will return to your life. You finally start to discover something significant in life or in what you do, and you’re on your way back to a regular existence. The card also stands up because you are starting to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel and dare to desire for things now.

The star is frequently misinterpreted as a sign that all will be good again; however, some interpreters see that the star is just a sign that the questioner is feeling better, has discovered fresh inspiration, and has found new hope. You must also take action and fight in order for things to improve. Half of the new ideas and dreams might be complete delusions.

Star Card Appearance

A lady kneels at the bank of a little pond in the Star card. She has two water jugs in her hands. One container empties its contents onto the dry land, as if to hydrate and fertilize it. The lush greenery that surrounds her seemed to indicate that it is effective.

One foot is submerged in the water, demonstrating the woman’s spiritual skills and inner strength. Her practical talents and capabilities are demonstrated by the other foot on the ground.

A huge central star is encircled by seven tiny stars, which symbolize the chakras, behind her. The holy ibis of thinking is represented as a bird perched on a tree limb. 

The Star Card

General Meaning

The Star bestows optimism, newfound vigor, and the ability to carry on with one’s life. It demonstrates how wonderfully endowed you are by the cosmos, as shown by your surroundings. Because this card comes after the Tower card’s trauma, it may not be immediately apparent.

Realize that you already have all you want for satisfaction; all you require is bravery. You have every cause to be happy as a result of this. Seeing this card is a message to have trust, for the cosmos will reward you and provide all you require.

If you get the Star tarot card in your reading, it signifies you’ve faced and overcome a tremendous life obstacle. You have persevered in the face of adversity without giving up hope. You may not have understood your own strength when you were suffering, but you are now realising that the experience helped you uncover your own perseverance and inner power. It’s only now that you’re able to appreciate what you have.

Career Reading

Upright Star

When it comes to your career, keep your trust that your goals will be realised. This may provide plenty of confidence that others will recognize, and it can help you get the prospects you want. The star serves as a reminder to keep your hopes up if you’re looking for a new job or an advancement.

There is a brightness after a period of disappointment at work. If you are jobless, you will soon have the opportunity to acquire the dream job that you have been waiting for.

However, this does not mean that the job is yours, but that the chances are quite high that you will get it.

Reverse Star

If you have a reversed Star, it’s possible that your negativity is affecting your work. Since you can only perceive things in a gloomy light, you may no longer feel excited or innovative. Have your expectations not come true? Have you lost hope that things will improve?

We make a bad situation worse when we worry, and our desire to keep going might be wiped out. It’s possible that, while things are stressful just now, they aren’t as awful as you think. A shift in your strategy, viewpoint, or attitude can be all you need to get motivated to make great changes.

Love and Relationship Reading

Upright Star

When you see an upright star, it means A relationship with an Aquarius might be on the cards. If you’re single, The Star indicates that you’re ready to let go of any emotional issues from previous relationships. Your prospective love life appears to be bright, and now is an excellent time to meet new people. It might also mean that a person from your past is trying to restart a connection with you.

If you’re in a relationship, the Star is a sign that things are going to get serious. If you’ve had troubles in the past with your partner, The Star says that if you leave yourself open to therapy, these issues may be resolved and you’ll have a promising future.

Reverse Star

With the apparition of the reversed Star, your judgment is clouded by self-doubt and a crisis of confidence.

Do you feel like you’ve lost your confidence?  

What is it about you that makes you feel unloveable?

Others are able to detect this in you, which can mean you feel so much worse while supporting your bad self-image. It’s critical right now to recall all of your positive qualities so that you can perceive yourself as a good mate. Doubt and lack of faith might apply to your sentiments about love in general, as well as to yourself.

Financial Reading

Upright Star

When it comes to money, the Star suggests that one’s faith and optimism will aid in achieving one’s financial objectives. While you work hard to improve your financial situation, remember to appreciate and be grateful for what you currently have, as this may serve as motivation to continue on this road.

Reverse Star

If you’ve been having financial difficulties, the reversed Star may indicate that all hope is not lost, but you’ve already given up. There are probably things you can do right now to improve your circumstances, but only if you can get the courage to view things differently and take action. Opening your heart to a more optimistic viewpoint might also help you see new possibilities.

The Star Tarot Card and Numerology

The number 17 is allocated to the Star card, which decreases to 8. The number 8 is associated with power and achievement. Strength is the other card with an 8 on it.

The Star Tarot Card and Astrology

Aquarius is the astrological sign that corresponds to The Star.