The lovers tarot card is one of the 22 cards in the Great Arcana. The Beloved stands for love and unions but also for our need to distinguish between heart and mind and to sometimes make very difficult decisions. The card also indicates a need for balance after a division of the will that goes in two different directions at the same time.

When the Love Couple shows up, you are usually faced with a decision that can feel difficult – to follow your heart or your mind? Sometimes the card can lead to division in relationships, as a third party intervenes.

The high priest stands for the fool’s first love, the encounter with the other, which defines him as an individual but also leads to certain insecurity.

General Interpretation

The Beloved symbolizes not only love, attraction and beauty, but also trials and difficult choices. A triangle drama will soon take place. You may have to make a difficult choice. Moral dilemma.


At work, a feeling of insecurity can occur. Partly you want to change jobs, partly you want to stay. You feel a certain difficulty in making decisions. It is important that you find a solution. Also, watch out for those you can be loyal to and those who bleed are avoided.


The card can stand for attraction, but you wonder if it is the right choice you make and the right person to fall in love with.


You are at a crossroads when it comes to your finances. The way you make money can define you as an individual. Do not let others interfere in your financial affairs either.