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Your life path number can tell you everything you need to know about yourself. Your strengths, weaknesses, potential, deepest desires, and life goals can all be determined by your life path. Therefore, it is crucial to fully understand your life path and how to invest your energy. By embracing your spirit, you can find a deeper meaning in life and experience a satisfying journey full of purpose.

A Brief History Of Numerology

The Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras theorized western numerology. You may have even learned at school that the father of Western numerology created “Pythagoras’ Theorem”. He also discovered the numerical relationship between musical notes and numbers.

Life Path Number 9 The Humanists infographic

Life Path Number 9: The Humanists

Nine is the most developed number from a numerological perspective and is considered to be one of the strongest vibrations, as it contains vibrations from all the other numbers. When a nine has a strong spiritual base, it is a wonderful source of light in our world. There really is a selfless trait in it. It is also the highest of the individual vibrations and it is controlled by determination. This way of life has a strong inclination to follow what it believes in, and strives for it with incredible ambition and drive. As a result, there are always those who disapprove of the ninth and are jealous of it. The nines should therefore follow the old saying: “Stand near your friends and your enemies even closer”. Nines need to be aware of who is trying to sabotage their plans, and try to make them feel comfortable.

Life Path Number 6: Personality Traits

A typical characteristic of people with life path 9 is that they often have problems with their original family. They may feel unloved or abandoned by their parents, or seem to bear full responsibility for their parents. In both cases, the nine have difficulty cutting ties with the original family.

The nines are so busy helping others that they do not notice when they themselves have problems. And people around the ninth probably only see that the ninth is strong – so the ninth needs to practice asking for a hug when they need it. Nines do not have to be the center of attention, but others place them there anyway. If a nine steps into a classroom, everyone asks, “Are you the teacher?” They assume that the ninth is the one in charge, and that is why the ninths should have the responsibility – they are not abusing that privilege.

Things work for the nines. Ironically, the nines themselves are the only ones who do not notice it! They are very hard on themselves and even if they do a good job, they blame themselves for not being perfect. Nines need to be a little more easygoing and forgive themselves because they are human.

Life Path Number 9: Career and Business

It’s really outrageous for a nine to work hard for something without seeing it come true. Nines have an authentic respect for humanity, so their goals usually benefit others as well. When nines fail, they experience that they have let the world down.

If a person with life path 9 does something good, others follow. If she does something bad, others follow in any case. They become fantastic teachers, curators and therapists, as well as healers, nurses and social workers. They also do well in creative areas, such as lecturers, artists, illustrators and writers.

Life Path Number 6: Career and Business 

Life Path Number 9: Relationships

When nines get married and start a family, they want nothing more than to be the perfect parent. Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect parent – or child. Nines must be kind to themselves and not take life so hard, because it can lead to them feeling unsuccessful when something goes wrong with their children – something we all know will happen sooner or later. In matters of the family, nine do not tolerate interference. They think they can solve the problems on their own, and with their spiritual side, they are probably right.

Life Path Number 6: Relationships

Key Attributes For Number Nines:

Artistic, emotional, farsightedness, changeability, boundlessness, committed, drama, imagination

Symbolic Affiliation:

Color: Magnetic red

Planet: Mars

Number: 9

Stone: Garnet

Element: Fire 

Well Known People With Life Path Number 9

Greta Thunberg (2003-01-03) 9

Yoko Ono (1933-02 -18) 27/

Elvis Presley (1935-01-08) 27/9

Curt Cobain (1967-02-20) 27/9

Justin Bieber (1994-03-01) 27/9

Bob Marley (1945-02-06) 27/9

Boris Johnson (1964-06-19) 36/9

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number

Although it may seem highly complicated, it is just simple math. Here’s how to calculate your life path number: The sum of the numbers in your date of birth, including day, month, and fully printed year.

For example:

Jo was born on May 25, 1972, so then her life path number is: 1 + 9 + 7 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 5 = 31

3 + 1 = 4

Her life path is 4