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Your life path number can tell you everything you need to know about yourself. Your strengths, weaknesses, potential, deepest desires, and life goals can all be determined by your life path. Therefore, it is crucial to fully understand your life path and how to invest your energy. By embracing your spirit, you can find a deeper meaning in life and experience a satisfying journey full of purpose.

A Brief History Of Numerology

The Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras theorized western numerology. You may have even learned at school that the father of Western numerology created “Pythagoras’ Theorem”. He also discovered the numerical relationship between musical notes and numbers.

Life Path Number 8 The Administrator infographic

Life Path Number 8: The Administrator

People with life path 8 seek the freedom that one gets from a financial success. This does not mean that they are materialistic, just that they do not like economic instability and will make financial planning a priority. Their relationship with money is very important to them.

Because of this need, there are eights who are millionaires—but never spend a shekel. There are also other kinds of eights that spend the money as soon as they have it. Usually, eights are drawn to the more exclusive things in life, like quality and often have beautiful possessions.

Life Path Number 8: Personality Traits

Eight has a personality trait that makes them change direction in an instant. If an eight has made an important decision in a relationship or at work and realizes along the way that the decision was wrong, it is perfectly okay to turn 180 degrees and continue in that direction.

People with life path 8 tend to achieve great success or fail miserably—often both. Eights must focus on the task ahead of them, then they will succeed. But they must also remember that it is important to stop and enjoy life.

It is common for people with life path 8 to be misinterpreted by others. To avoid this, they must learn to show more pace and be more of a “big-picture person”. They tend to say exactly what they are thinking, without bothering to consider the larger audience.

They can often say something so hurtful that the interlocutor is shocked by it. Then it’s eight’s turn to be appalled—they just said as it is. This is a very black and white vibration, with little room for shades of grey.

Eight needs to be reminded that there are very few people who can handle the cold, hard truth without at least some warning. It is an art form that everyone should train to perfect, but especially people with a life path of 8. You can certainly talk about what you feel, as long as you are careful how you say it.

Eights bloom late, and may tend to think “I’m too old” to do the things they come up with that they want. But they are not, it is never too late to realize their dreams!

One of the negative traits of Eights is that they are easily injured physically, even those with a strong physique, and should pay attention to what they are doing to avoid this.

Life Path Number 8: Career and Business

People with life path 8 have excellent administrative qualities and they also have the politician’s strong communications skill. Eight is a power figure, which means that they want control but hope to be able to use it to bring about positive change. Eight is the typical workaholic.

Occupations that suit eight are bank clerk, accountant, office manager and engineer. Eights can also be skilled corporate lawyers or judges.

If the eight has the number 3, 6 or 9 in their birth date, their profession may have an attraction to the creative arts, perhaps in the form of performing in front of an audience. If you have a dream that is very different from these descriptions, then go for it! As an eight, you are constantly striving for success in the future, but remember that life is not a rehearsal – capture the day!

Life Path Number 8: Career and Business 

Life Path Number 8: Relationships

With life path 8, struggle and strife are considered a normal part of life. However, infidelity is something that an eight is unable to overcome —if you are unfaithful to an eight, it is just as well to end the relationship.

People with life path 8 are intolerant of people who feel sorry for themselves. An eight who sees someone suffering probably says: “I’m sorry it happened to you. But come on now.” This is ironic, because eights often consider themselves victims.

People with life path 8 do not get away with much in this life. If a person with life path 8 drives too fast, it is typical that they will be caught and fined. One of the life lessons eights must learn is to use humor as a weapon so as not to end up with a “poor me” attitude. Knowing that concentrating on the negative can lead to depression, especially if you have a life path 8.

Life Path Number 8: Relationships

Key Attributes For Number Eights:

Balance , harmony , strength, efficiency, organization.

Symbolic Affiliation:

Color: Opal gray

Shape: Octagon

Planet: Earth

Number: 8

Stone: Opal

Element: Earth

Well Known People With Life Path Number 8

Nelson Mandela (1918-07-18) 35/8

Robyn (1979-06-12) 35/8

Avicii (1989-09-08) 44/8

Nostradamus (1503-12-14) 17/8

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number

Although it may seem highly complicated, it is just simple math. Here’s how to calculate your life path number: The sum of the numbers in your date of birth, including day, month, and fully printed year.

For example:

Jo was born on May 25, 1972, so then her life path number is: 1 + 9 + 7 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 5 = 31

3 + 1 = 4

Her life path is 4