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Your life path number can tell you everything you need to know about yourself. Your strengths, weaknesses, potential, deepest desires, and life goals can all be determined by your life path. Therefore, it is crucial to fully understand your life path and how to invest your energy. By embracing your spirit, you can find a deeper meaning in life and experience a satisfying journey full of purpose.

A Brief History Of Numerology

The Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras theorized western numerology. You may have even learned at school that the father of Western numerology created “Pythagoras’ Theorem”. He also discovered the numerical relationship between musical notes and numbers.

Life Path Number 6 The Caregiver infographic

Life Path Number 6: The Caregiver

With their strong sense of responsibility, people with life path 6 are natural carers with a motherly nature (or fatherly), who look at all others from a parenting perspective. Life path 6 fits together with love and marriage like a glove.

Since six believe in a strong family unit, if they are happily married, they strive to maintain a romantic relationship. They would rather spend time having a candlelit dinner with their partner than going out with friends.

A six is a creative person and must find ways to use their creative energy. Whether it be in the field of art, music or poetry—these are all natural ways to go. If six do not stay busy, one of their negative traits is that they can get caught up in small things from time to time—such as gossip, or constantly rearranging the home—just because they are bored.

Life Path Number 6: Personality Traits

Six are people with attraction. They tend to be physically attractive, but there is more to it than that—there is a strength in them that is hard to ignore. Sixes need to lead or own their own business. They find it difficult to work for others.

Sixes need harmony. Unfortunately, they often forget that they have to deal with their own misfortune before trying to make a living for others. A sensitive sense of smell is common among sixes. Many avoid strong aromas and cannot use perfumes because the scent feels too overwhelming.

If you have a child with life path 6, you may notice that they can be patronising towards you. Do not take it personally, just work with it and give them an outlet for their parenting side by, for example, getting them a pet.

Children with life path 6 may not consider that you are older and wiser and will want to figure things out on their own. But, they are dynamic and have a natural sense of safety, so they can do great things if you give them support.

A perfect day in the life of a six would be if the people in their lives fell to their knees and said

“I am unworthy.” Okay, maybe not quite as dramatic, but sixes are bad at receiving criticism. 

If you have a six in your life, you need to find a way to compliment them before submitting any constructive criticism. This, in fact, is best regardless of the life path.

Life Path Number 6: Career and Business

Professions that suit six well are interior designer, real estate agent, study or career counselor, and designer. Hairdressers, make-up artists, musicians, or actors suit many creatively gifted sixes.

A path 6 is the type of person who believes that “if you want to get something done, you have to do it yourself”—they often feel that they work too hard, but the work also makes them feel indispensable. 

A call to six would be to to relax—you have a strong life path and do not have to work so hard.

Life Path Number 6: Career and Business 

Life Path Number 6: Relationships

Sixes most often attract partners who appear childish or helpless. 

But more important than marriage is peace and quiet in the home. The home is their everything, they are interior designers by nature and like to redo the home to get it right. If they have to live with someone else, they can feel dissatisfied if it is not a harmonious relationship.

If sixes have a partner who suffers from outbursts of anger or generally causes great inconvenience—especially to the children—they usually decide that they would rather live alone than stay in the relationship. 

Sixes can move their own boundaries backward in a relationship and put others on a pedestal—from where,  sooner or later, they’ll fall down. Then the six can feel let down and see themselves as a martyr. One of the common traits of the six is to make others feel guilty.

The six who feels that they bear the greatest burden in a relationship can break very abruptly, leaving the partner questioning what has gone wrong. Sixes are urged not to wait too long to communicate what they are feeling—the sudden anger that may flare up within the six can come as a shock to the victim and cause the death blow to a relationship.

However, When it comes to friendship, sixes are loyal, trustworthy and good at keeping secrets. Betrayal goes against the nature of six.

Life Path Number 6: Relationships

Key Attributes For Number Sixes:

Practical, persistent, determined, honest, stable, constructive.

Symbolic Affiliation:

Color: Blue

Shape: Circle

Planet: Venus

Number: 6

Instrument: Flute

Stone: Sapphire

Element: Earth + air

Well Known People With Life Path Number 6

Greta Garbo (1905-09-18) 33/6

Michael Jackson (1958-08-29) 42/6

Meryl Streep (1949-06-22) 33/6

Björn Borg (1956-06-06) 33/6

Justin Timberlake (1981-01-31) 24/6

Jane Goodall (1934-04-03) 24/6

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number

Although it may seem highly complicated, it is just simple math. Here’s how to calculate your life path number: The sum of the numbers in your date of birth, including day, month, and fully printed year.

For example:

Jo was born on May 25, 1972, so then her life path number is: 1 + 9 + 7 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 5 = 31

3 + 1 = 4

Her life path is 4