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The judgment tarot card is one of the 22 cards in the Great Arcana. The final Judgment constitutes a period of investigation. A time when you have to think about your life, where you have come from, what you have achieved and how you have reached here. The card can also stand for a period in life when you will be tested. A student can get this card before exams, exams and exams.

This time also means a time for deciding what the next destination will be. Then a feeling of relief ensues.

The verdict usually stands for crossroads, and the need to make decisions. What you choose for consequences with you, but the most important thing is to choose something.

The verdict can also mean that the time of reckoning is nowhere and that you now have to face your fears. Old debts now need to be paid, it is no longer possible to sneak away from their responsibilities.

General Interpretation

The card symbolizes renewal and change, difficult decisive decisions and liberation, as well as results.


 At work you will need to research your intentions as well as your goals.


You can expect to discuss with your partner, admit your mistakes, and take the relationship to a new level.


Now it is no longer possible to wait, it is important to pay your debts