The High Priestess tarot card is one of the 22 cards in the Great Arcana. The card stands for knowledge, wisdom, intuition, that which cannot be seen but only hinted at, the hidden. The high priestess also stands for passivity, deep understanding, observation and the desire to know how everything is connected.

The High Priestess stands for duality, the good and the bad, the things that can be observed and the things that can be sensed. Some knowledge is subtle. Reading between the lines is important.

General Significance

The High Priestess symbolizes mysteries and wisdom. She has secrets as well as knowledge and she represents a future that has not yet been revealed. The high priestess, on the other hand, is receptive and receptive. Your secrets will be revealed.


The job creates opportunities for learning, understanding and inner development. The high priestess can symbolize both intuition and science.


Platonic relationships, chastity, emotional coldness. As a man, you like to be fascinated by a mysterious woman.


Use your intuition and find the answers you need within yourself.


People symbolized by the High Priestess are good at looking behind the surface and reading between the lines. In layouts, the High Priestess will usually symbolize the person interpreting the cards. But to be able to have this ability, you need knowledge, wisdom, intuition, receptivity. Emotions must not get in the way. The negative side of the High Priestess is to use knowledge to harm and use different techniques to influence others in subtle ways but for evil purposes.