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The high priest tarot card is one of the 22 cards in the Great Arcana. The card stands for our need to both adapt and deviate from the norm. Although the high priest can stand for morality, religion, culture, group norms and peer pressure, the high priest is also a kind of teacher. Whether we learn through school or experience, the high priest brings our moral responsibility to life – for better or worse.

On the one hand, the high priest in the tarot stands for tolerance, kindness and mercy, on the other hand, the high priest stands for our ability to create horror figures and imaginary enemies.

The high priest is most often expressed when we moralize. When we do that, we start from certain assumptions. Thus, the high priest can swing in both directions – from tolerance and love for our neighbor to total intolerance towards those who deviate and who has become a target. Religion can, for example, condemn homosexual relationships and homophobes find those who try to teach them tolerance difficult.

The high priest is responsible for the fool’s or the young child’s encounter with the school, society’s norms and the quest to find moral guidance and the moral way of life.

General Significance

The high priest means mercy, kindness, and inspiration. He is the moral compass that develops in everyone. The card can also stand for organized morality and religion and at the same time our need to deviate from the norms that we do not consider to be correct according to our way of looking at the world. Thus, the downside is intolerance. Through the High Priest, the view of man is expressed. You will face a situation that you think is not moral. You will moralize, if not verbally, in thought.


Depending on the position of the card, the job situation may be colored by certain moral issues. You may feel oppressed and upset as if you are always making a mistake from the point of view of the boss or co-workers. In other cases, you are the one trying to guide others and they may feel that you have become difficult. Guidance is a job that can suit you.


Because the high priest stands for cultural norms and organized religion, this card will sometimes symbolize weddings and the ability to find their place in the hierarchy of society. Other times, the card stands for unconventional love or love that is still considered by some to be unconventional, such as homosexuality.


You will need to do everything right in terms of your finances or feel that you need to do everything right according to the usual morals.


People who constantly remind others of their moral responsibility are personified by the High Priest. These people are good counselors, good spiritual teachers, but they can also be too critical of others and too serious. In addition, these people can sometimes create the horror characters and imaginary enemies that others fear; then group stability is created at the expense of others. In optimal situations, the high priest will be the person a kind of Dalai Lama, who teaches love, mercy and tolerance. He/she is aware of human shortcomings but seeks to develop and develop human strengths and good sides.