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The Empress tarot card is one of the 22 cards in the Great Arcana. The card stands for unconditional love, abundance, wealth, care, harmony and creativity. In addition, the card stands for motherhood, pregnancy and all the loving women we have around us.

The Empress is always a good card because she stands for such ideals that all people strive for – the true love, the true friend, the achieved creative potential.

The Empress is responsible for the fool’s or child’s encounter with her mother – which gives him security and unconditional love. Fulfilled by all this love, the fool gains new strength and strengthened self-confidence, as well as a sense of security.

General Significance

The Empress stands for fertility and an act that involves an initiative. However, the Empress also stands for the unknown and the secret, sometimes ignorance. Kindness, generosity, motherhood, true love, creativity. You are creative and will work with something creative. The card can in some cases stand for creativity.


You are very creative and your creativity is expressed at work. It will help you achieve success regardless of profession. In addition, you are good at solving problems in creative ways. Because you love your job, you will succeed.


In the love life, you can expect a stronger and more loving relationship with your partner. If a page in a cup, an ace in a cup or a page in a coin appears together with the Empress, it may be a question of pregnancy. Together with 10 in a goblet or with four rods, it can be a question of a wedding. The Empress also stands for all true bonds of friendship.


Your finances will flourish. Do not be afraid to use your full creative potential.


The Empress’s most prominent characteristic is creativity. She creates and makes sure that everything flourishes. Whether you are talking about a pregnant woman, about an artist or a person who through his profession can make the most of his own ingenuity, something else will be created: something that is beautiful. The Empress is talented and intelligent. The negative is when the Empress uses her talents for destructive purposes, for example when you play stupid, lie in cunning ways, and create step by step destruction.