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The card represents the authority figure in our lives who are external to us and whom we must respect. They have the ability to influence our lives for the better or for the bad. The emperor is usually a hindering power, implying that we will come into contact with or be in conflict with authorities.

The emperor represents our superiors, those in positions of power, person in authority, father figures, and law and order. The emperor represents the need to obey and submit to those in positions of power. The emperor, on the other hand, represents masculinity, rigidity, the men in our lives, the family head, and protection. The word emperor can also refer to a powerful man or a powerful father figure in life.

The emperor is responsible for the Fool’s or the child’s meeting with his father, and the structures that exist in society, with superiors and subordinates. The fool realizes that he/she cannot always do as he/she wants.

The negative side of the Emperor is expressed when limiting art and literature and certain forms of knowledge in society. The emperor can be set boundaries, which in some situations is needed, but can also become authoritarian and hinder development.

The Emperor Card Appearance

If The Empress card is the Tarot deck’s Mother archetype, The Emperor card is its Father. He sits on a massive throne of gold with four rams’ heads carved onto it. The Emperor holds an ankh, the Egyptian emblem of life, in his right hand, and an orb, signifying the planet he commands, in his left.

He wears a crimson robe to symbolize his strength, passion, and zest for life. He’s wearing a suit of ancient armor underneath it, implying that he’s safe from harm. His long white beard symbolizes his age-old knowledge and experience, and he is an authoritative figure who expects to be listened to, coupled with his gold crown.

the emperor tarot card

General Significance

The emperor stands for stable power and protection, as well as for authority based on reason and conviction. Most often, the Emperor appears in our lives when we encounter obstacles in life or when we have problems with authorities. But the Emperor also appears when you need to set boundaries yourself, or when you seek advice and protection. There are obstacles in your path, but they are temporary if you do not give up immediately.

Career Reading

Upright Emperor

If you are looking for a job, you need to beware of authorities trying to find a job for you. You also need to know what you would like to do and try to negotiate. If you have a managerial position at work, it’s time to set boundaries and take control of the business to steer it in the right direction.

Reversed Emperor

Your work may start to faltering without focus and discipline. You may feel like your project is getting bogged down by bureaucracy. You may need to make some changes in order to get things moving again. Your job may be affected if you are working under a tyrannical leader. You should consider changing jobs before it gets too late.

Love and Relationship Reading

Upright Emperor

In the life of love, an authoritarian man can appear if you are a woman. You who are a woman, can also be hindered in your choice of partner. If you are a man, you will use your masculine qualities to attract the right woman. You will want to protect her.

The Emperor is an old wise man. He knows how to lead people. When he is happy, he is very kind and generous. But when he is angry, he is often cruel. His temper is short and he does not forgive easily. He wants to control everything in life. He thinks about himself first. He is jealous and suspicious. He doesn’t trust anybody. He is always right. He is always in charge. He is never wrong. He is always right about everything. He is always right! He is always right!

Reversed Emperor

This card foreshadows a power struggle in love. Your partner is attempting to subjugate you. You must learn to assert yourself and fight for your rights. Allowing him to have influence over you is not a good idea. Make a stand for yourself. Make a strong statement.

Financial Reading

Upright Emperor

You will soon be in contact with authorities who will have an impact on your financial status. The Emperor’s suggestion is straightforward yet crucial. You must be aware of your monthly expenditures. Budgeting is necessary. Keep a record of your expenditures. Check in once a month to see if you’re overspending, under saving, or doing both. Keep your spending under control.

Reversed Emperor

When it comes to your finances, you may feel helpless. The Emperor in reverse indicates that you are unable to deal with them. It’s possible that your funds have been misused. You should seek assistance from specialists who can assist you in better managing your funds.

Personality Reading

Upright Emperor

The emperor is either a rebel seeking power or an authoritarian seeking to rule, protect, and constrain his subjects.

The Emperor is a leader who is well-liked by his subjects. He is a man who knows how to plan ahead of time and carry out his plans. He’s a fantastic organizer and strategist. He is a fatherly character who adores his children yet demands that they follow his rules. He is a doer who responds to the king’s command. He is a logical thinker who bases his conclusions on logic and reason. He is a man who is a rule unto himself.

In this tarot reading, The Emperor is a symbol for a man who is extremely powerful, forceful, and authoritative. He is someone who uses force to exert authority over others. He wields enormous power over individuals and institutions. He is regarded as an expert in a variety of fields. His choices are always correct. Others look up to him and appreciate him. He is seen as a strong leader who understands what he wants.

Working hard and doing your job properly is what an upright career entails. You are a trustworthy and responsible person. Your financial situation is healthy and steady. You are considerate of the property and assets of others. You are dedicated to each other in a conventional relationship. You evenly share tasks and chores. Financially, you help each other out.

Reversed Emperor

The Emperor in reverse depicts a person who is involved in an abusive relationship. He takes command of the situation and makes the other person feel powerless. He wants to force people to do things that he believes they should. Usually, this is an employer or a parent. Career readings reveal someone who is enslaved by the demands of their employment. Jobs that require flexibility are better suited to this card.

The Emperor is unconcerned about his citizens’ well-being. He is completely consumed by his own goals and power. He is afraid of losing control and will go to any length to keep it. To him, the law is only an impediment to his objectives. He’s cruel and oppressive. He can’t imagine himself in other people’s shoes and views everything as a competition. Money and financial problems bring him a lot of anxiety. He is always trying to keep one step ahead of everyone else, yet he has trouble staying focused. He might also be a bully who attempts to rule over others.

The Emperor Tarot Card and Numerology

The number four in numerology is closely associated with the Emperor tarot card. In numerology, it represents a moment of equilibrium. Now, two plus two equals four and can be used to produce something solid. Four is a good number.

The Emperor Tarot Card and Astrology

The Emperor tarot card represents the Zodiac’s protecting, paternal force. This Archetype is all about strength, bravery, standing firm, and asserting your authoritative power.

Aries, a sign of boldness, drive, strength, and self-assurance is associated with the Emperor. Mars, the planet of battle, is the ruler of Aries. In fact, the Emperor has shown himself to be capable of both fighting and temperance in various decks.

The fire element is associated with Mars and Aries.