About My Spiritual Guidance

Our website is designed to help you understand the symbolism and meanings behind all things spiritual from your dreams, to the numbers you keep seeing and even astrology. We offer guidance on how to be more in tune with your spirituality with practices like meditation and how psychic readings like tarot can help you understand and take control of your path in life.

About Michelle Walker

Michelle is the founder of My Spiritual Guidance which she started after her own spiritual journey in order to help others. 

Michelle, like many of us, was used to living a fast-paced life, always on the go, working a typical 9-5 life, until a global pandemic struck the entire world.

Michelle suddenly was left without the job she’d loved for years, unable to work and feeling completely lost. She felt confused and worried about what would happen next, with a constant sense of panic and anxiety. She’s lost her true sense of self.

Then something happened. One tiny moment changed everything.

Michelle saw something that instantly felt like a message, or a sign, or maybe both. She kept seeing the same number over and over again. Suddenly, she felt there was more to life than meets the eye.

Her Grandmother had always been highly spiritual, even reading tarot cards and always talking about the significance of numbers. Michelle knew that her experience was guidance for something or someone beyond this world and she started looking for answers. 

Every day since has been a magical spiritual journey.