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How We Work

The Knowledge To Take Control Of Your Spiritual Journey In Life

My Spiritual Guidance aims to offer information about everything mystical and spiritual to help you live in perfect harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

We aim to inform, entertain and inspire, bringing health, balance, joy, happiness, and individuality into the lives of all of our site visitors. 

Get spiritual guidance from our top-rated advisors via chat, phone or video call, or learn more about the mystical from our articles written by our experts.

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What We Do

Specialist Readings From Expert Advisors

Numerology Readings

Helping us to understand how numbers can be linked to everything that happens around us.

Tarot Readings

Professionally trained psychics discern information about life using their perceptive abilities.

Angel Readings

Understand the messages of the angels around you.

Astrology Readings

Understanding how our cosmos influences our everyday lives including our work and relationships.

Revealing Readings

See what the future holds with a revealing reading from our psychics.

Dream Interpretation

Use dream interpretation to unlock your unconscious mind and find the true meaning behind your dreams.

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What Our Customers Say

I can't believe how much I learned about myself. The information I gained went way beyond my expectations and really helped me to get some real insights into myself and my life generally.
Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee
I was astounded by how much this site helped me with my stress and anxiety. Bringing understanding to things happening around me coupled with techniques to practice mindfulness has really helped me.
Adam Chaise
Adam Cheise

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